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Customers waiting for a table order their drinks and appetizers from the bartender...lowering your check average once they get seated at your table.

Customers who have waited forever for a table take it out on you once they are finally seated.

Customers who have waited forever for a table don't wait around for coffee or dessert.

The longer they waited for that table, the worse the food will taste to matter how good it is.

Senior citizens do not understand the concept of waiting for a table. They feel they are being discriminated against.

The hostess at a party of twelve must see the table ahead of time to approve it. She compares it to her dining room table at home.

When that table of twelve is sat, they take half an hour to arrange the seating. They end up just sitting anywhere.

At that table of twelve, the heaviest people always get put in the tightest spots...blocking your access to the rest of the table.

The hostess always wants a round table for twelve (call King Arthur).

The hostess always wants a t-shaped table for twelve (call Vanna White).

The hostess always wants a U-shaped table for twelve (call Pat Sajak).

The hostess always asks "what, no provate room for my party of twelve?"

You push two tables together to seat twelve and it's perfect...for ten.

You can never reach everyone at a table for twelve and you have to pass the food down family-style. Some one burns their hand.

That table of twelve all twelve different times.

That table of twelve ends up being a table of seven...and they stay all night.

You notice the other side of the restaurant fills up first...while your side is empty. (You feel the floor tilt)

You're embarrassed as you notice management seat minorities at the back of the restaurant.

You finally get seated a table...and they ask to move elsewhere.

The whole world wants to eat at 8:00 on Saturday night.

Customers don't understand why they don't get seated right away when they come in two hours before their reservations.

No matter how great the meal was, if they had to wait five minutes to be seated, they bitch...even if they eat for free.

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