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The lobster never looks big enough to you...or to the customer.

You never think there's enough shrimp in the order...and neither does the customer.

Soft shell crabs are a great dish...but the thought still grosses out the customer. ("You eat the shell? Gross!")

The customer orders clams but doesn't know how to open them.

You don't know where the oysters are from. ("The water, I guess.")

Trout never has any taste...but you don't tell the customers that.

You don't know where the salmon's from. ("Upstream?")

They think tuna on the menu means Starkist or Bumble Bee.

They never have enough napkins when eating crabs or lobsters.

They ask the size of the fish portion...and you guess one.

They ask you to describe the taste...of each fish on the menu.

The fish never tastes like they expected it a negative way.

"Is the fish fresh?" ("Sure, it arrived just last month.")

"Does the fish have bones?" ("Of course. How else would it swim?")

"Is the shrimp fresh?" ("Sure. Just check out the ones in our freezer.")

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