Rest Rooms

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The ladies always exit the rest room with toilet paper on their heels.

Ladies must go to the rest room together.

The ladies' rest room is always messier than the men's.

It's always a waiter's responsibility to refill the tampon machine in the ladies' room.

Your customer always goes in the rest room while you're in there...and they wait to see if you wash your hands before you leave...and before you handle their food.

"Where's...the...(whisper) rest room?"

"Where's the little boy's room?"

"Where's the head?"

"Where's the can?"

"Where's the john?"

"Where's the powder room?"

They always go to the rest roomn as you are bringing them their food.

They go to the rest room before they sit down....screwing up your timing.

Kids always have to go to the rest room sometime while they are at one of your tables.

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