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They want regular coffee, but all that's made at the time is you fake it.

They want decaf coffee, all that's made at the time is you fake it. (And the customers curse you as they are up all night, but they don't know where to find you)

You're not sure which pot is the decaf and which is the you guess. (You figure you have a 50% chance of being right -- good odds)

You only need one more cup of coffee at the end of the night...but there's only half a cup left. You ponder for five minutes to kae a pot or not to make a pot; that is the question.

You grab the wrong coffee pot and don't notice it till you are at the table you fake it. "That is decaf, right?". "Of course!".

One person orders coffee. "Any one else? Hello?" You assume that means "no". You find out different when you bring back just one cup of coffee.

You're not sure what you just brewed -- regular or decaf -- but no one is looking, so you guess...wrong.

They always need more cream when you're busy with other tables.

One person at the table wants milk, not cream.

You bring the coffee and the cream...then they yell at you for filling the mug with so much coffee they can't put any cream in it. (So take a damn sip!)

You want them to leave so you can turn the table...then they want more coffee.

You want them to leave so you can check out and go home...and they want more coffee.

You've asked them 39 times if they want more coffee and they've said no...but when you don't ask them that 40th time is when they want it.

One person decides they want tea...and you have no idea where the tea box selection is.

You bring the tea box selection, they go through it for an hour...then they choose Lipton.

"Would you like a new tea bag? Would you like a new tea bag? Hello...Earth to this moron"

Never work at a restaurant that uses saucers.

You're in trouble when they order coffee to begin their meal.

"Can you make a decaf cappacino?" (Sure. I can also do head stands on your table if you'd like)

The first table wants coffee right away...and none has been brewed yet. ("We're brewing it now, especially for you.")

You ring up a coffee drink...and it's cold by the time you pick it up.



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